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  • CTE Video Production In Southeast Texas

    cte video production

    There’s nothing like video for conveying a message, and CTE Video Production has been providing professional video services to Southeast Texas since 1999.

  • Digestive System Explained in 6 Minutes.

    Digestive System

    The Digestive System is also known as the “gastrointestinal system”. This system fulfills two of the basic and essential requirements for being alive… Food intake and Waste elimination. In this video we will be discussing the functions of the Digestive System, the connection with the immune system, the components and accessory organs that make it […]

  • Computer Hardware

    computer hardware

    A desktop computer is comprised of many diverse components. This video will identify each piece of computer hardware that makes up a computer. We will demonstrate how to open it up, take it apart and discuss the make up of the mother board, and then put it back together.