Benefits to Members of our training video courses library

There are many benefits to accessing the training video courses library offered by beginning with flexibility and convenience. You can view our videos almost anywhere and at anytime. There’s no limitation of scheduling classes or training time, it’s available 24/7 allowing you to train at the time that works for you.

This also means there are less distractions. Giving the individual more control in their training, greater ability to concentrate and the luxury of reviewing any section as often as they need to during the term period. Step by step instruction literally gives them the visual to compliment any of your training manuals.

And all at a much lower cost than if you were to purchase DVD’s. Not to mention, less clutter. Studies have shown streaming video offers improved training costs, decreased material costs, increased productivity, standardized process, consistency in the delivery of content and better retention of the information.

Streaming CTE Skills training videos accommodates both the visual and auditory based learner. Making training more efficient and productive.

CTE Skills manages the video library so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with DVD’s. No need to purchase updates for any changes to procedure because CTE Skills handles everything. We maintain the videos on our servers and stream them to you giving you easy access at all times. Any changes or updates made are instantly available to anyone with access to the videos.

CTE Skills understands security and privacy are extremely important as well. We know you may not want just anyone viewing your training content. Any proprietary information will only be made accessible to those you approve within your account.

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