The mission of CTE Skills is simple, to build one of the most comprehensive Career and Technical Education video libraries designed to give you training that works on your time. Accessible on demand 24/7 when it’s convenient for you.

CTE Skills began our journey in 1999 operating under IEC Simulations, Inc. as we still do. Our humble beginnings were simply to create a more efficient way of teaching print reading and troubleshooting in the refineries but quickly grew into an amazing transformation of the way we train in all technical fields from welding and health sciences all the way to cosmetology.

The concept is so simple and utterly brilliant… Film experts performing specific tasks, capturing their knowledge and expertise all the while creating a short, concise, step by step video and then make it easily accessible via online streaming from our website.

There is a serious skills gap in industry right now, one that CTE can help close. CTE makes training within industry as simple as a streaming video. We take the knowledge of your best experts, capture it to video, add it to our online library and stream it to your site 24/7 offering you exceptional training on demand when it works for you.

The petrochemical industry along with just about any other industry is at a critical turning point. As “Baby Boomers” are rapidly making a run for the retirement door the market is being flooded with a steady stream of inexperienced workers to replace them. This becomes more than just a training issue for industry but more importantly, it’s a critical safety issue. With industry when an inexperienced person makes a mistake it’s more than just a lot of money at stake, it can mean lives lost.

But with CTE Skills this becomes a non issue, you will have a concise, coherent, step by step instructional video for every job performed on your site. Think of how that one simple response to a problem could save you both money and potential lost lives.

CTE Skills changes the face of training technology in high schools, colleges and technology schools by bringing the field trip into the classroom, even the student’s home with streaming videos that were designed specifically for your course instruction. Reading about a technical process is not even comparable to being able to actually SEE  the procedure done by an expert in our expansive CTE Skills video library.

At CTE Skills education is a priority. We offer the highest quality, streaming videos which are meant to compliment your approved curriculum and help ensure the completion and eventual licensing in a number of technical fields.

All of our videos are filmed while observing actual students and/or professionals completing step by step tasks, specific to their field according to the best standard practices.

Our goal at CTE Skills is to provide relevant examples of student performance standards, knowledge, skill attainment, and technical assessments that have been validated by industry standards. Presenting it all in a format that makes it easy to understand and actually visualize, literally bringing the curriculum to life.

Virtually any technical and industry topic or technique can be made available to you. If you don’t see a topic or technique you’re looking for just ask…we can work with you and your school to produce any procedure that is relevant to your program, in accordance with current standards all at NO COST! *some restrictions  do apply*

We invite you to browse our outstanding educational tool, designed to compliment your classroom instruction.