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  • Displacement Pumps: Screw Pump

    What is a Screw Pump? A Screw Pump is a rotary, positive displacement pump that can have more than one screw to transfer high or low viscosity fluids along an axis. Single Screw A single screw rotary pump is also known as a progressive cavity or PC pump. The single screw pump consist of only […]

  • Instrumentation Basics: Measurement

    Measurement Variables Measurement and control of process variables within a production, or manufacturing area is defined as Instrumentation. An instrument is a device that measures and/or regulates physical quanity/ process variables such as… Flow Temperature Level Pressure Instrumentation plays a key part in the automation of modern day process operations. There are many variables that […]

  • Globe Valves

    What are Globe Valves? Globe valves are a highly common valve in the process industry. They be used for on/off applications, but are generally used for precise throttling applications. Globe valves have a greater pressure drop across the valve then other of valves. This pressure drop occurs, due to a 90 degree turn, the process […]