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  • The Nervous System

    Nervous System

    The Nervous System The “GREAT” and mighty Nervous System…or The BRAIN as most of us call it.  What makes this organ unique is that within it lies the ability for Humans to know oneself.  This feature distinguishes and sets the Human species apart from the rest of creation.  This ability is known as “Consciousness or […]

  • Tube Bending for Process Instrumentation


    Tube Bending and Fittings Just about any plant site you go to, you’ll find scrap bin full of tubing that has not been bent correctly. The purpose of this CTE series on tube bending is to help minimize that waste, cut cost, and to help you become more efficient when bending tubing. There is more […]

  • Displacement Pumps: Screw Pump

    What is a Screw Pump? A Screw Pump is a rotary, positive displacement pump that can have more than one screw to transfer high or low viscosity fluids along an axis. Single Screw A single screw rotary pump is also known as a progressive cavity or PC pump. The single screw pump consist of only […]