When you become a member of, as part of an organization or as an individual member, we offer three simple options of access to our video training library:

  1. 3 day access to any single video in our course library
  2. 30 day access to an entire video category in our course library
  3. 1 year access to an entire video category in our course library

Group Memberships

watch video instead   Group memberships have been developed by CTE Skills to enable an organization to assign key people to manage videos to be seen by its own staff or students.  Group Admins can purchase individual videos or entire video categories for their organizations.  Organizations can have a staff / group administrator manage their membership and own members on .  Group administrators can add their organization’s staff or student users and are also able to provide access to entire categories or individual videos to their groups user accounts.
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Individual Purchases

The idea behind registering your organization with CTE Skills is to give you more flexibility in how to use our site within your school or company.  If you are an individual purchasing a video for personal use, there is no need to register first.  Go ahead and add to cart, make your purchase, and you are ready to go. CTE Skills makes it easy for you to acquire the skills you need by purchasing access to videos without the hassles of mandatory subscription renewals.  You can purchase the courses when you need them at an affordable price and view them at your convenience in the comfort of your home, office, or mobile device.  You can choose to purchase single videos or entire training video categories.
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