CTE Skills launches new website design


We have chosen this moment in time to make some changes to our website in order to better serve you. CTE Skills is building a comprehensive Career and Technical Education video training library and in order to do this, we came to the realization that we had outgrown our current website in the same way one would outgrow their office. We have chosen to find a suitable design team such as this design and development agency you can find on https://www.cefar.co.uk/ for example, to update the necessary things and make it a much more functional website that can continue to grow with us. The immediate benefit to our current customers will be seen through the ease of navigation. The updates will make finding the exact video you need much easier thanks to the seo company we have brought in to handle our keywords and tagging. We are also setting up a New Account area that will allow you easier management of individual, company or school accounts. The redesign or our e-commerce and back-end admin of the site will make the work we do at CTE Skills much more efficient as well, which in turn allows us more time to spend creating the quality videos you need.

CTE Skills has some great future goals to work more directly with local industry and education in order to continue developing the most comprehensive video collection to better train both the current and future workforce. Our endeavor will not only benefit our local area, but will have a worldwide effect as our videos have already been viewed in over 200 countries to date. We are reviewing our practices such as marketing and ensuring everyone we work with have a good experience. Articles like this one written by Salesforce could help shape how we communicate and work with companies. Our goal as always is to work with individual companies, helping to build their individual training programs with our site specific videos.

Over the years CTE Skills has transformed from just an idea into a real need. Our videos used to all fit on the homepage of our website but have grown to a number now that really needs it’s own fully functioning e-commerce site. And this is really only the beginning, we are constantly getting requests and ideas for new videos that will require more space which gave us the very real need for a site that can grow with us.

Thanks to all of the support that has brought us this far in providing our career and technical education video training library . With this new website we hope to build the most comprehensive video training programs available online.

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