Shaft Alignment: The Importance of…

The Importance of Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment is the process to align two or more shafts with each other to within a tolerated margin. It is an absolute requirement for machinery before the machinery is put in service.  Any misalignment between the two increases the stress on the shafts and will almost certainly result in excessive wear and premature breakdown of the equipment. This can be very costly. When the equipment is down, production might be down. (Wikipedia)


In Our Career and Technical Education Video Library, we feature two different techniques.  The Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment and the Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment.

These two online training courses by CTE Skills features high-quality and informative videos with detailed animations that will walk you through each type of shaft alignment procedure with ease.


Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment

Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment

When considering any form of machinery, proper shaft alignment is integral. When shafts, motors, and pumps are properly aligned, the machines work correctly and efficiently. Failure to ensure this alignment damages machinery and disrupts efficiency. The most reliable way to ensure machinery works as it should, without disruption, is through a shaft alignment with dial indicator procedure.

In this online shaft alignment training by CTE Skills, workers will learn how to use a dial indicator to align shaft. Students will master the vocabulary associated with this procedure, and learn how to correctly perform a double-reverse dial indicator shaft alignment.

This alignment training course covers areas such as:

-Definitions of shaft alignment and associated terms

-How shafts become aligned and unaligned

-Pump alignment procedure

Using a dial indicator

This online shaft alignment training course by CTE Skills features high-quality and informative video that walks you through dial indicator shaft alignment procedure with ease. Learning has never been easier or quicker! Assisted by clear animation and audio narration, this course will teach you how to align a shaft with a dial indicator in only 31 short minutes. By the end of the course, students will know how to prepare for, conduct, and evaluate a shaft alignment procedure like a professional.


Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment

Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment

Have you ever performed a laser shaft alignment with a Rotalign system? Laser shaft alignment is a procedure used to determine any misalignment that might have resulted from the placement or installation of two or more shafts. Misalignment can cause serious and potentially disastrous results.

Performing a laser shaft alignment isn’t an easy procedure, especially due to the number of complex steps and the expertise needed to use the necessary tools. Also if you make a mistake in measuring the alignment, many different problems could occur. Fortunately, the Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment course from CTE Skills offers a broad overview of the Rotalign shaft alignment process. It is perfect for employees and professionals searching for laser alignment training.

The course also describes:

– The concept of laser shaft alignment

– Tips and tricks to successfully complete the procedure.

After you comprehensively complete the entire course, you should be able to:

– Complete a basic laser shaft alignment with a Rotalign system

– Define common terminology associated with a Rotalign system

The Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment Course was produced by CTE Skills. CTE Skills is a company that specializes in providing exemplary technical training for professionals employed in specific trade industries. This course is about 30 minutes and includes a video with extensive English audio narration.

The course also includes a variety of different informative diagrams covering different concepts such as thermal growth, soft foot, and personal protective equipment. Laser shaft alignments aren’t easy procedures to master. Get your laser shaft alignment training today!

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