IND-M - Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment


When considering any form of machinery, proper shaft alignment is integral. When shafts, motors, and pumps are properly aligned, the machines work correctly and efficiently. Failure to ensure this alignment damages machinery and disrupts efficiency. The most reliable way to ensure machinery works as it should, without disruption, is through a shaft alignment with dial indicator procedure.

In this online shaft alignment training by CTE Skills, workers will learn how to use a dial indicator to align shaft. Students will master the vocabulary associated with this procedure, and learn how to correctly perform a double-reverse dial indicator shaft alignment.

This alignment training course covers areas such as:

-Definitions of shaft alignment and associated terms

-How shafts become aligned and unaligned

-Pump alignment procedure

-Using a dial indicator

This online shaft alignment training course by CTE Skills features high-quality and informative video that walks you through dial indicator shaft alignment procedure with ease. Learning has never been easier or quicker! Assisted by clear animation and audio narration, this course will teach you how to align a shaft with a dial indicator in only 31 short minutes. By the end of the course, students will know how to prepare for, conduct, and evaluate a shaft alignment procedure like a professional.

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