Process Technology and Crude Oil Distillation

Process Technology

Process Technology is a field of study that really keeps our economy moving. Any industry involved in the production of consumer goods is tied to Process Technology. From plastics, to paper and even the petrochemical industries, process technology plays a major role in in the production of our goods.

Oil Refineries

One major industry that involves process technology is the Oil Refining business. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to drive, fly or even power and heat our homes in some cases. One major process that takes place within these oil refineries is distillation.

Crude Oil Distillation

The process of Crude Oil Distillation allows us to produce many different products from one resource. Have you ever driven by a refinery and wondered what really went on inside those gates? What’s happening in all those big towers? Watch CTE Skills’ Crude Oil Distillation video (above) and learn more about it.

Crude oil is processed into more useful petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. In this video, learn the theory and process behind how crude oil distillation works.

There are many different technologies and equipment at work inside a refinery. For instance, some technologies are used to increase safety at refineries and save human lives. Several systems are developed in order to use real-time digital twin technology that can detect and respond to issues (such as a gas leak before a major disaster occurs). Is Digital Twin Technology the solution? You could learn more from websites like Vantiq that have expertise in creating digital systems catered towards enabling smart businesses. Furthermore, if you want to gather information on equipment like pumps, valves, compressors, and cooling towers, check out CTE Skills’ Process Technology category for a wide selection of videos to learn from.

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