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Displacement Pumps: Screw Pump

What is a Screw Pump? A Screw Pump is a rotary, positive displacement pump that can have more than one screw to transfer high or low viscosity fluids along an axis. Single Screw A single screw rotary pump is also known as a progressive cavity or PC pump. The single screw pump consist of only […]

Instrumentation Basics: Measurement

Measurement Variables Measurement and control of process variables within a production, or manufacturing area is defined as Instrumentation. An instrument is a device that measures and/or regulates physical quanity/ process variables such as… Flow Temperature Level Pressure Instrumentation plays a key part in the automation of modern day process operations. There are many variables that […]

Globe Valves

What are Globe Valves? Globe valves are a highly common valve in the process industry. They be used for on/off applications, but are generally used for precise throttling applications. Globe valves have a greater pressure drop across the valve then other of valves. This pressure drop occurs, due to a 90 degree turn, the process […]

Process Technology: Jet Pumps

What are Jet Pumps? Jet pumps are used to lift liquid from a well. A specially-designed jet is engineered to utilize the venturi effect. The venturi effect is a drop in fluid pressure that results when an incompressible fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. Operation of Jet Pumps In order for jet pumps […]

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Force            Centrifugal pumps are a Dynamic type pump that operate on the principle of centrifugal force. Centrifugal force is a force that tends to move objects away from the center in a system undergoing circular motion.   Basic Components The casing on a centrifugal pump is designed to contain […]

Testing the Voltage before Touching

Testing a Voltage Before Touching Could Save Your Life! In this procedure, we will be looking at the “Test Before Touch” method when properly confirming a circuit is de-energized. We will review the following concepts: The Test Before Touch Principles Key learning by one company The TBT procedure Other testing concerns Most of our discussion […]

Agilent G1513 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

Agilent G1513 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer In this procedure, we will demonstrate how to remove, inspect and reinstall the syringe cartridge of an Agilent G1513 GC Analyzer.  These analyzers of usually found in many industrial laboratories and are used to analyze samples taken from chemical process. Agilent G1513 Gas Chromatograph Analyzer The G1513 consists of three […]